Real Estate Contracts – A Must Know For All Agents

Dubai’s real estate market has grown significantly over the past two decades, offering numerous opportunities for buyers, sellers, and agents. However, understanding the rules and regulations set by government bodies like RERA and DLD is essential. Without knowledge of legal procedures, duties, and required documents, property transactions can be challenging. To simplify the process, RERA provides specific contracts or forms for buyers, sellers, and agents. Let’s explore the different types of RERA forms used in Dubai property transactions.

RERA Form A - Seller to Agent Contract

Form A is crucial for selling a property in Dubai. After selecting a listing agent, the seller and agent must sign Form A, which includes:

  • Property details: financial info, service charges, mortgage status, payment schedules
  • Advertising details: seller cannot market property online without written agreement
  • Overview of the seller-agent agreement

Once signed, the contract must be approved by the DLD’s Trakheesi System, which assigns a permit number for the property advertisement. All property owners must sign Form A, and a seller can sign with a maximum of three brokers (one Form A per broker).

RERA Form B - Buyer to Agent Contract

To buy property in Dubai, you must sign RERA Form B when hiring a certified real estate agent. This form includes:

  • Buyer’s requirements
  • Property location
  • Buyer’s budget
  • Type of property

Form B also covers agency commission, compensation percentage, and contract termination terms. Buyers can terminate the contract for specific reasons using RERA Form U.

RERA Form I - Agent to Agent Contract

RERA Form I is a contract between the seller’s and buyer’s agents, used to protect the rights of agents, clients, and listings. It ensures a professional relationship between agents and is required when two or more agents are involved in a joint property transaction.

RERA Form F - Contract of Property Sale/MOU

RERA Form F, also known as an MOU, is the key purchasing contract between buyer and seller in Dubai. It must be signed by both parties once the property and price are agreed upon. This form includes financial and property details, as well as commissions for the agents.

Form F is only valid after being signed by both parties in front of witnesses and dated by the agent. It is a mandatory form required by RERA to complete property transactions. Form F typically includes schedules or attachments related to the sale and purchase agreement (SPA) or MOU.

RERA Form U - Notice of Contract Cancellation

Form U by RERA is the official document for buyers or sellers to cancel a contract with their agent. It is the only legal requirement for ending a broker contract. To terminate, the buyer or seller must provide the agent with a written notice, including the termination date and reason for cancellation.

Ejari Tenancy Contract

The Ejari Tenancy Contract is the most important rental document in Dubai, standardized by RERA. This contract proves the tenancy agreement with the landlord and is required for services like internet, phone, and DEWA. It protects tenant rights by fixing rental prices, preventing illegal rent hikes by the landlord.

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