How to Register with Ejari? – Step By Step Guide

Registering with Ejari in Dubai is crucial as it ensures legal protection and compliance with rental regulations. It provides a formal, recognized tenancy contract that safeguards both landlord and tenant rights, facilitates visa and utility connections, and serves as vital documentation in case of disputes or legal proceedings.

1. Prepare Required Documents:

Gather the necessary documents, including:

  • A copy of the tenancy contract signed by both parties.
  • Copies of the Emirates ID or passport of the landlord and tenant(s).
  • Title deed of the property or a landlord’s authorization letter if the landlord is not the owner.

2. Visit an Ejari Typing Center:

Locate a certified Ejari typing center in Dubai. These centers are authorized to assist with the registration process and ensure compliance with Ejari requirements.

3. Submit Documents for Verification:

Present the gathered documents at the Ejari typing center. The center will verify the authenticity of the documents and ensure they meet the Ejari registration criteria.

4. Payment of Fees:

Pay the applicable registration fees at the Ejari typing center. Fees vary based on the type of property and lease duration.

5. Receive Unique Registration Number:

Upon successful verification and payment, Ejari will issue a unique registration number for the tenancy contract. This number serves as proof that the lease agreement has been registered with Ejari.

6. Obtain Ejari Certificate:

After processing, Ejari will issue an Ejari certificate confirming the registration of the lease. This certificate is an official document that outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement as registered with RERA.

7. Distribution of Ejari Certificate:

The Ejari certificate should be distributed to all parties involved in the tenancy agreement:

  • The landlord.
  • The tenant(s).
  • Relevant authorities, if required for visa or utility connections.

8. Renewal and Updates:

Ensure to renew the Ejari registration annually or as required by RERA guidelines. Updates to the tenancy contract, such as lease renewals or amendments, should also be registered with Ejari promptly.

By following these steps, landlords and tenants can ensure compliance with Dubai’s rental regulations and enjoy the legal protections afforded by Ejari registration. For further assistance, consult a certified Ejari typing center or visit the Dubai Land Department’s official website for more information.

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