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Dubai’s real estate market expands

2023 has been a monumental year for Dubai's real estate, with over 350 new property projects unveiled!   🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Why It's Exciting: 🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Diverse Options: A project for every dream, taste, and investment plan. 🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Innovative Living: Experience the forefront of architectural innovation and luxury. 🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Investment...

Company Value

Our mission's core beliefs are what encourage us ahead: transparency, excellence, adaptability, and sustainable development.   🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Transparency is our promise for clear and honest communication 🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Excellence is our relentless pursuit in every detail and service 🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Adaptability keeps us dynamic and forward-thinking in a changing...

Wealth for Investors

Real estate in Dubai is a wealth for investors because of its great capital growth and high rental rates. This is what makes Dubai unique:   🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Capital Growth: property values increasing by an average of 35%, annual sales volumes rising by 60%, and foreign investment surging by 80%  🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Rental Income: average yields rising by approximately 5% annually...

Dubai’s property market soars

🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ Why the Rise? Dubai continues to attract investors and residents from around the world. This demand, coupled with Dubai's strategic development initiatives, has propelled property values upward   🔹ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ī¸ What Does This Mean for Investors? The increase in price per square foot is a clear indicator of Dubai's robust real estate health. For investors,...

Invest today, get your luxurious retirement

We can show you how, by strategically using your funds, you secure your future   🔹 Envision your retirement backed by a diverse and ever-expanding portfolio. Each property you add not only enhances your wealth but also brings a steady stream of rental income, setting the stage for long-term financial growth.   🔹 With its strong expansion, strategic location, and global interest,...

Exciting Update from Dubai’s Property Scene

🔹 The off-plan property sector in Dubai is making waves with 47% increase in transactions! This surge signifies a robust confidence in the city's future real estate prospects.   🔹 This impressive growth is a clear indicator of Dubai's allure as a prime destination for innovative property investments. With their forward-thinking designs and prime locations, off-plan properties are drawing...

3C’s of Buying

Discover Dubai's 3C’s of Buying!   🔹 Commerce: Develop in places suitable to business like Jebel Ali Free Zone. No tax on company profits, and enjoy freedom with Free movement of currencies.   🔹 Community: Live in a secure, welcoming environment with exceptional hospitals, schools, and pleasant visa processes. Safety and convenience at its best.   🔹...

Record Sales Growth

News from Dubai's Property Market!   2023 has been a landmark year, with a 50% jump in sales performance!  Total sales have now exceeded AED 400 billion, showcasing the strength and appeal of Dubai's real estate market 💰   This key indicator reflects the confidence investors and homeowners have in a dynamic city. From luxurious skyscrapers to serene residential communities,...

Live Dubai in Numbers

🔹 Live Dubai has been a leader in Dubai's trendy real estate scene since 2003! We're proud to manage over 650 properties, serving a growing family of 400+ clients. Our journey spans 20 incredible years in this dynamic market.   🔹 Our expertise isn't limited to Dubai – we're making a mark in 3 countries! With a dedicated team of 25+ seasoned professionals, we ensure every client...

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